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  1. gfiorelli1 says:

    ‘d like to make you note how since 2006 Rand was warmly suggesting us to “Build a Brand” with our blogs, which is surely even more important right now.

    If I may, I would add a 22th point, as I have not seen it reflected here: build a content strategy plan and schedule.

    This is extremely important and, for businesses blog, you can also plan with anticipations some topic (i.e.: industry events related post before the events themselves, as could be “Waiting the CES 2013, rediscover what heppen last year”…).

    In the content strategy plan take into account the prior keyword search you have done, and those topic macro-categories you have discovered thanks to it, make them your blog categories. And, after that, schedule in order to have always a minimum of two/three new post per months for any category.

    This last tip of mine is obviously related to the “schedule” hot topic, something about I, Mike IPullRank King, John Dohertyf and others were talking about on Twitter yesterday. Personally, in the case of my blog (not of my clients) I post quite rarely: honestly I’ve not the time… but also I feel that it could be more dangerous than useful for me to write just for writing adding noise to the blogosphere. Instead I prefer to post something when I really know I can add something of value.

    What I mean with that? I mean to suggest you to not write everyday because you have to, but to do it when you really have something worth. Or, as an alternative (which I usually do with clients, but considering to apply to my blog too), to start thinking in:

    1.offering controlled guest post opportunities in your blog;
    2.preparing with anticipation evergraen content (but not low quality one), that you can post with indipendence of the date of publication.
    That way you can maintain a regular publication schedule and “feed” your readers and inbound marketing actions.

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